June Frontend Meetup at Futurice

Welcome to our June meetup, hosted by Futurice on 13.06.2017.

This time we are featuring 4 talks at once, covering React, Modx, iotaCSS and more!

See the event review below

Futurice opened the meetup with a perfect preparation, including posters with speaker pictures and topics:

As always we start with snacks, drinks and getting to know everyone.

And now talks. See recordings below, subscribe to our Youtube channel. Some talks might have missing parts due to battery issues. Sorry!


1. How we used React/Redux in our semi-large project
by Miro Nieminen

2. Coding Freedom with the MODX CMF
by Benjamin Davis

3. Image optimization with Cloud Functions on Google Cloud Platform
by Simon Dittlmann

4. Building scalable and maintainable design systems using iotaCSS and React
by Dimitris Psaropoulos

Thanks to speakers for perfect timing; all four talks made it on schedule, leaving some time for drinks and networking.

Are you looking for a job? Futurice seems like a cool place!

When you think you’ve seen it all, you notice their origami-unicorn:

Great meetup! See you next time in August.


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