Machine Learning Lecture: Tensorflow

Everyone is very welcome to attend a Machine Learning lecture, organized by our User Group on 12.07.2016. The event is free, there is no attendee limit and no registration required. Venue: Institute of Computer Science, LMU Munich.

See the review. 

Few words about our topic.

TensorFlow is an open source deep learning library released by Google in 2016 with a special focus on large-scale distributed execution. It adds powerful new features and concepts for the experienced machine learner while making this complex field relatively accessible to the newcomer.

Alexander is making a welcome speech, providing some background on our user group activities.


Meanwhile, people are coming and coming. Around 100 so far.

The room may seem half-empty, but it’s for 280 seats…

Peter – our presenter for today, is a second semester CS student at TU Munich, interning with Google and Bloomberg in London in 2016-2017.

Introduction looks optimistic.

The main part, everyone is focused. 2-hour lecture, squeezing all essential info about Machine learning and Tensorflow. Understandable, but intense.

And some final slides. People are tired, but still concentrated.

Thanks everyone for making it happen. Python Munich User group did a great job finding this huge location and organizing it right.

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