A PyCon You Can’t Miss

Dear friends, did you already notice that PyConWeb 2018 happens on the last weekend of June in Munich? The debut in 2017 was so appreciated, that, of course, the next edition is already on the way.

The conference is focused on Web technologies in Python. We got numerous positive feedback about the idea of uniting worlds of Django, Plone, Tornado, TurboGears and other web-related tools within one event, and that’s exactly the direction where the conference goes.

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PyConWeb 2017 Wrap-Up

In 2017 we took an ambitious goal to introduce a whole new concept into the PyCon family, the PyConWeb, a conference focused on web stack of Python. The first edition took place on May 27-28 in Munich.

The goal of PyConWeb is to showcase most common web-related tools in Python, offering hands-on workshops on Django, Plone, Pyramid, and Tornado, as well as featuring talks by core developers and contributors. Two days, three tracks, all included.

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Learnings of PyConDE 2016

In late October 2016, we organized the PyCon.de, the main Python developer conference in Germany. With four parallel tracks, it had over 50 activities by speakers and trainers from all around Europe. We started from scratch and made it happen within five insane months. However, it was not only luck that helped, but a good plan and budget that turned out to be quite accurate. I will gladly share some insights from our story and try to simplify the job for anyone planning something similar.

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