FrontMuc Meetup, July 2016

The next Frontend Developers meetup was planned for 6 of July, venue – Virtual Identity AG. The event is free and has no attendee limit. Doors open at 18:30, as usual, we start with drinks and pizza, followed by presentations.

Check our wrap-up below.

Virtual Identity has a great office, we would definitely try to organize more events there. The location is green and quiet, next to the Isar river.


We scheduled 3 talks for this meetup. But first: food, drinks, chat.

It was a bit complicated day because on the same evening a big football game was happening: the semi final of Euro 2016. Therefore we expected to finish around 20:30.

Uliana is getting everything ready. David, a software developer from Virtual Identity, is showing around the office. Pizzas arrived.


Our first talk: “Overview of PostCSS” by Andreas Sahle.

Andreas proved that PostCSS is not yet another CSS transformation tool, having some clear advantages over more popular SASS or LESS. For example, CSSNext – a plugin that helps using latest CSS syntax. It transforms new CSS specs into compatible CSS, eliminating browser support issues.

Next talk: “Ember.js introduction” by Marco Otte-Witte.


Marco packed maximum information about Ember.js into 45 minutes. This talk was intense, and at the end everyone felt quite used to Ember, even it it was the first time to see it in action.

Finally: “Continuous Performance Monitoring of frontend web applications” by David Amend.


David was revealing Phantomas, a web performance metrics generator based on phantom.js. It provides an overview with common web metrics like number of requests, network timing, domains, in-depth view of used CSS/JS internals and much more.

Here is our meetup in action:


We finished around 22:00 with a lot of discussions and another round of questions to all speakers. Uliana and David are moderating in the front row.


Everyone forgot about Euro 2016 football semi-final.

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